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The reigning “Washington Consensus” will destroy the American Republic regardless of who the POTUS is

SOTN Editor’s Word: What you’re about to read is the most effective actuality verify on the Web right now which describes the true status and penalties of President Trump’s disastrous overseas coverage.

It was written by one of the prime geopolitical analysts on the earth—Federico Pieraccini— an established world affairs writer on the Strategic Culture Foundation. SOTN has revealed lots of his articles because he’s simply the neatest man within the room. No, he does not touch on the Shadow Government again story that SOTN delves deeply into, however he captures the true state of affairs on the global geopolitical chessboard as well as anyone else.


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With this essential understanding, Patriots, Nationalists, Populists, Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partiers, and so forth. across America are highly encouraged to read the superb and alarming analysis posted under in its entirety. SOTN has posted many news articles, analyses and commentaries since Trump took workplace that absolutely help this extraordinarily correct narrative. And, each time we do, we predictably lose an enormous part of our common viewers. Quite sadly, that is NOT a very good signal for truth-seeking, people!

The United States of America is shortly approaching a monumental tipping point. Between now and the 2020 election, occasions will start to cascade out of control. The treasonous Democrats are determined to hold our domestic affairs in full chaos and steeped in utter lawlessness. Sadly, the Neocon warmongers, Zionist imperialists and rogue U.S. Intelligence Group will see to it that Trump’s extremely erratic and harmful overseas insurance policies imperil the international order like no different administration in American history. The brief piece under explains why and how that’s clearly the case.

KEY POINT: Deliberate acts of monetary terrorism, financial sabotage and foreign money manipulation by the U.S. constitute outright acts of warfare. The Trump administration is utilizing financial sanctions to impose American dictates extra cavalierly than another because the founding of the Republic. As a matter of historic reality, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because of the American blockade of oil and fuel shipments to that multi-island nation which possessed few power assets.

Please be advised prematurely that there’s not a single word in the following article that is inaccurate or misrepresentative of the current international predicament triggered instantly by the Trump administration and its many clandestine proxies. Subsequently, it’s absolutely imperative that the Patriot Movement come to grips with this quickly deteriorating state of affairs. To disregard these realities is to ignore the malevolent forces which might be stealthily pushing the world group of nations into the recent part of World Conflict III. How, pray tell, will a WW3 state of affairs MAGA?!?! See: The Solely Remaining Choice for the NWO Globalist Cabal is World Struggle III

What can the Right do about it? Peacemaking conservatives should hold Trump’s ft to the hearth. If he does not comply with by means of on his guarantees to make peace not conflict, the Proper is obligated to find a candidate who will perform a very conservative agenda, not simply speak about it. Greater than ever, this nation needs a nationalist within the Oval Workplace who won’t bow to Israel or patronize Saudi Arabia; and who will prolong the hand of reconciliation to America’s imaginary enemies. In any case, these perceived enemies have been deliberately manufactured by those that only search the whole destruction and ultimate management of the American Republic.

Lastly, what’s most concerning concerning the following evaluation is that the apparent conclusion that the USA is now — BY FAR — probably the most feared nation on Earth. It’s also fast turning into probably the most hated nation where even our allies detest our relentless meddling of their inner affairs and interference with their overseas insurance policies. Actually, where’s that going to lead US besides to the hellish plight that our real enemies have deliberate for US. As follows:


The backside line right here is that Trump’s overseas policies don’t MAGA. In reality, they are designed to MIGA (Make Israel Great Once more). And that, our fellow patriots, poses a HUGE and significant issue for the American individuals. Why? As a result of the globalists continue to use america as the Army Arm Of The New World Order.

State of the Nation
Might 26, 2019

N.B. What the writer comprehends nicely is that an imperialistic overseas coverage that devastates the planet can’t probably “Make America Great Again”.

© Photograph: Flickr / Jacob N. Bailey

Federico Pieraccini
Strategic Tradition Foundation

Donald Trump’s overseas coverage relies heavily on putting to use to the tools out there to the Empire: economic terrorism, threats of struggle, diplomatic strain, commerce wars, and so forth. But in resorting to tried-and-true imperialism, it is isolating itself internationally from conventional allies and elevating tensions on the worldwide chessboard to an unprecedented degree.

Threats of struggle towards Venezuela, North Korea, Syria and Iran at the moment are repeated each day. Economic measures involving tariffs or duties, in many ways comparable to declarations of struggle, at the moment are ordinary, whether or not directed at buddies or allies. Iran and Syria are beneath sanctions, whereas Pyongyang is even prevented from docking one in every of its ships in its ports, thereby finding itself de facto positioned underneath US embargo, similar to was threatened towards Venezuela.

China and Russia are every day preventing to help the multipolar world by means of diplomatic, economic and typically army means, providing to Washington’s enemies some type of defend with which to stand up to the outrageous slings and arrows of the Trump administration. Beijing and Moscow carry out their resistance with an eye fixed to their long-term goals, provided that within the brief term their actions will inevitably invite the implacable hostility of Washington and her lackeys.

The fate of the brand new multipolar world order primarily is determined by how nicely China and Russia shall be in a position climate Washington’s storm. It is naturally within the pursuits of the remainder of the world that the chaos of Washington’s unipolarity can be brought to an in depth in the least chaotic and damaging manner.

Washington’s European allies are sanctioned for Iranian oil imports, are unable to participate within the reconstruction of Syria, are asked to abandon joint tasks with Russia (Nord Stream II), are requested to minimize technological imports from China, are requested not to turn into involved within the largest undertaking the world has ever recognized, referred to as the Belt And Street Initiative (BRI) – all these requests come at a time when Donald Trump keeps undermining the worldwide globalist order on which US allies have come to rely on to keep the status quo. US allies are obliged to adjust to Washington’s requests even because it hurts their enterprise interests and poses grave penalties in the medium to long run. That is primarily the motivation behind European nations in search of to diversify their international trade and exchanges by means of a foreign money not managed by Washington, thereby effectively de-dollarizing their economies. It is going to be fairly some time earlier than such a super could be realized, demonstrated by the failure of the efforts to import Iranian oil by circumventing the US embargo via such mechanisms as Instex.

Current weeks have seen international affairs swing from one worrying state of affairs to one other, from the failed summit between Trump and Kim, to the help for Guaido’s tried coup in Venezuela, culminating in the continuous threats directed in the direction of Iran after designating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

With little rhyme or purpose, with an administration divided among several factions, we see constant modifications in technique and strategy that solely end up weakening Washington’s worldwide stature.

Army planners at the Pentagon worry an open battle with Iran or Venezuela, however only for purely propagandistic causes. Washington’s formidable firepower would in all probability have the ability to overwhelm no matter defenses Tehran or Caracas would have the ability to supply, however at what worth? The website of Washington’s latest-generation plane falling from the sky at the hands of air-defense techniques from the Soviet period would have a devastating effect on the picture America’s military-industrial complicated likes to challenge of itself.

It might injury the prestige of American methods, which value significantly greater than their Russian counterparts. (An American F-22 Raptor, for instance, prices about $150 million, whereas a Russian Su-35 solely prices about $55 million.)

This embarrassing reality is presently being highlighted in Syria to a point, the place the anti-aircraft defenses of Damascus, combined with Russian capabilities, have foiled dozens of Israeli, US and Saudi attacks. The hitherto venerable US cruise missiles have had to genuflect before the legendary S-300/S-400 techniques that have now develop into (as a defensive and not offensive weapon) a logo of peace.

The fable of the invincibility of US weapons is being challenged by Moscow’s defensive capabilities deployed in Syria and Venezuela. These similar capabilities are available to Tehran within the event that Washington decides to assault the Persian nation. However the probability of such a conflict turns into less and less possible with each passing day, with Pentagon army planners fearing a far worse state of affairs for the USA than Iraq. Iran is 3 times the dimensions of Iraq and would require about 1.2 million US troops to occupy the country on a permanent foundation.

Iran, furthermore, is likely one of the prime 15 world powers and Washington can be confronted for the first time with an opponent of high capabilities, one thing that People have been making an attempt to keep away from for many years, fearful of showing the vulnerability of their weapons techniques because of corruption and improper strategic selections. Hollywood films have served to build up in the public mind the myth of US army prowess, being a type of excessive propaganda for the needs of disguising the truth of army ineffectiveness.

Pentagon planners haven’t any intention of showing their army vulnerabilities in a warfare with Iran. The loss of US army prestige would also present to nations hitherto beneath Washington’s thumb that this canine has more bark than chew, making it all of the harder for the US to browbeat nations with the specter of army drive sooner or later.

What Trump appears to find troublesome to perceive is that his overseas policy is slowly eroding the superpower status of the US. The free cross Trump has given to the neocons and the pro-Israel and pro-Saudi lobbies have only served to convey the US the brink of a brand new warfare with Venezuela, the DPRK, Iran or Syria. With Trump not likely dedicated to any struggle himself, this will solely lead to a humiliating backdown.

A commitment to no additional wars appears to be one of the final election guarantees Trump needs to stay trustworthy to.

These continuous threats, by no means followed up by actual actions, are a really short-lived tactic, provided that they do not bear any strategic outcome. The DPRK didn’t eliminate its nukes, Venezuela nonetheless has Maduro as president, and Iran will never sit down with the US to talk about a new nuclear deal.

Worldwide attitudes are cooling in the direction of the US, even among allies, who’re subjected to absurd impositions on imported goods and punitive measures ensuing from industrial cooperation with Russia, China and Iran (the three fundamental opponents of the Israeli-Neocon-Saudi triad). Threats to Germany for the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline will not be dissimilar to the threats to Turkey for looking for to acquire the S-400, or to Italy for accepting Huawei 5G know-how, or to India for importing Iranian oil.

Opponents of Washington share lots in widespread and are more and more coordinating their efforts economically, diplomatically and militarily to limit the chaos and injury introduced on by the Trump administration’s rampage on the worldwide stage.

The doctrine of America First, combined with the necessity to grant a free hand to the Israeli-Saudi neocons, has been disastrous, notably to the US. The remainder of the world watches with mounting amazement and marvel how Washington, Riyadh and Tel Aviv are decided to paint themselves right into a corner, just so that they will satisfy specific lobbies, highly effective factions and warmongers like Bolton, Netanyahu, Mohammed bin Salman and Pompeo.

Trump is in a position to deceive his base due to their lack of interest in worldwide affairs, the failing Democratic get together, and Fox News’ tough propaganda. But internationally, the position of Washington is turning into much less and fewer related, with the determine of Trump serving to unite each buddies and enemies of the US alike in a kind of momentary pact as they wait out the Trump presidency. As soon as Trump is out of the best way, then problems with elementary importance for world commerce (the Belt and Street Initiative) and the steadiness of essential areas like the Center East and North Africa might be dealt with, regardless that US adversaries are absolutely aware that US overseas coverage isn’t decided by the President of america, fairly from the ‘Washington consensus’ driven by ‘US Exceptionalism’.